National Optical Network Response-America Homeland Security:
The purpose of this system is to create a specialized, National Security Defense System that allows for immediate communication with the general public in time of crises.

This Network is a comprehensive notification alert system for Homeland Security
Emergency Management which includes threat advisories for the general public.
Announcements through this system will include: Severe Storm Broadcasts,Tracking, Amber, Silver, and Traffic Alerts, Evacuation and other Emergency Public Safety and Public Health situations that require immediate and direct action. By providing clear, concise and professionally directed strategies that will save lives and eliminated life threatening confusion and hysteria.

This new approach which involves specialized education and training, paves the
way on how we intend to handle the fear of the unknown and unforeseen. Wayne County will be known for it’s cutting-edge technology and its ability to keep its citizens safe and informed at all times. This system is not just for the First Responders, it’s an evolutionary process in developing preparedness and deterrent strategies for early stages of awareness.